Wilson (b. 1982, UK) works with plaster, construction timber, landscape, photography, and paint to realise ideas. Landscape is used in Wilson’s practice as a means to discuss concerns with experience, access and expectation. The work’s interrogation of how we negotiate landscape is as an allegory of our relationship to social, educational and political structures. From functional objects to towering abstract constructions, Wilson’s work attempts to acknowledge it’s situation and surroundings through form and sometimes also function.

Through her work as an educator and through reflection on her own education, Wilson questions the parameters within which she operates, trying to distinguish what has been learnt and what can be un-learnt in her process.

Wilson is an Arts Council and British Council supported artist. She recently completed a residency and solo exhibition at Godsbanen, Denmark, and has exhibited at domobaal, Saatchi Gallery, London Art Fair and Wimbledon UAL. Wilson will hold her inaugural solo exhibition at JGM Gallery in the summer of 2019.

Photo: JGM Gallery, Damian Griffiths

Photo: JGM Gallery, Damian Griffiths


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