Art of the Ömie

April 18th - May 26th, 2018

In Papua New Guinea, the Ömie people live in the remote Oro province, high on the southern flank of Mt Lamington where the terrain is steep and rugged and plays host to a threatening volcano at its peak. The Ömie are a small tribe, numbering under 2000 people, and prior to 2004, had no audience for their art or nioge (barkcloth) outside their mountainous home. Traditionally nioge hang in every village, dressing the Ömie people; covering them on cold mountain nights, wrapping their babies and exchanged as bridal wealth. 

In this millennium, through determination, talent and hard work, the Ömie have exhibited their nioge as fine art, widely throughout Australia and today, JGM Gallery are honoured to be given permission by the Ömie people to present an extraordinary collection of twenty four rare  nioge for Art of the Ömie, 2018, an exhibition showcasing the work of 13 important Ömie women artists, today known by name and each by their individual artist’s hand.

JGM Gallery are thrilled to bring the Art of the Ömie to a wider audience in the UK and Europe and would like to thank Brennan King for working closely and brilliantly with the Ömie people to curate this exquisite collection of Ömie nioge.

This artwork deserves our attention.