Philip Hunt South Africa, b. 1969


Phillip Hunt lives in a small fishing village on Cape Cod - a thin strip of land jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean.


After witnessing the tragic events of 9/11 firsthand outside of his New York studio he abandoned a successful career exhibiting with the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg and making films in New York City.


After a hiatus of eight years Hunt started painting again, choosing to make only one monumental work per year. In every one of his previous solo exhibitions, he had noticed that there was always one painting around which all of the other works revolved and resonated, as if in a constant and evolving dialogue. What if you could contain that entire narrative, sentiment and substance into one, and only one painting - a singular image?


Working on canvas in oil and wax and inspired by the challenge of expressing an emotional space that has the texture to evolve through light and time; not unlike the landscape of Cape Cod, with its complex geography of shifting lunar-like dunes, oak forests battling for primacy with invasive pines and storms off of the Atlantic that completely disrupt known paths overnight. Making works that embrace the idea of disappearing into an emotional landscape and coming through that space quietly challenged or changed.