Faith Butler Tjukurla, Goldfields-Esperance WA, Australia, b. Circa 1945


Faith was born to Nutangka Benne & Barney Ward in Kurlkurta. Faith Butler lives in Tjukurla where she paints the stories of her country using the traditional Tjukurpa and Tingarri designs passed down to her. Faith is well respected in her community as a knowledgeable Ngaanyatjarra woman. When Tjukurla was still a small outstation there was no infrastructure or services. The responsibility of teaching the children in daily classes was given to Faith. Faith is also a skilled basket weaver and purnu (wooden artifact) carver.


Faith lived almost entire her life in the bush. Then she moved to Alice Springs because of her husbend's illness and started with painting. Mainly she paints places from her sand hill country where women gather to prepare bush tucker. She also paints traditional Women's Tingari and designs used for sacred gathering at places created by Tingari ancestors or where initiation ceremonies are held. Faith has already became a respected artist whose traditional works are sought after by collectors worldwide.