Maggie Major Nampitjinpa Papunya, Alice Springs NT, Australia, b. 1977


Like most of the young men and women who have begun painting at Papunya since the establishment of Papunya Tjupi Art Centre in late 2007, Maggie Major Nampitjinpa is part of the third generation of artists in her family. Maggie's maternal grandfather is Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri, one of the founders of Papunya Tula Artists, and her mother Punata Stockman Nungurrayi is one of Papunya Tjupi's senior artists and a former company Chairperson.

Maggie is one of many twins in the Stockman family. She and her sister Sheila were born in 1977 in Alice Springs Hospital and have spent all their lives in Papunya, except for the period when they attended boarding school at Yirara College for secondary education. On her return to Papunya, Maggie married Joshua Poulson, with whom she has adopted two children. Maggie learnt to paint by watching her mother, and her optical designs have their beginnings in Punata's geometric rendering of her mother's country Mt Denison .