Samson Bonson Barrihdjowkeng, Central Arnhem Land, NT, Australia, b. 1968


Samson Bonson (b.1968), a Gurrgoni sculptor, was taught in the late 1990's by Crusoe Kurddal a notable maker of mimih spirit carvings. 


Bonson is known for the refined carvings and the minute nature of his pointillist decoration on the main body of his mimih carvings.  This quality sees his work in high demand. 


Bonson's work has been selected for the 25th, 26th and 29th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awards.  Significant exhibitions of his work include Dream Tracks, Aboriginal Art of Arnhem Land (2006) at the La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art in the Kingdom of Bahrain and (2006) at the Bargehouse Gallery in London.  In 2007 a work was acquired by the British Museum. Internationally, the artist has also been represented by Art Kelch, Freiburg (Germany), and Harvey Arts Project, Ketchum (USA).


His work has also been exhibited by Annandale Galleries (Sydney),  Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi (Melbourne),  Paul Johnstone Gallery (Darwin)  and Vivien Anderson Gallery (Melbourne). Most recently, the artists work is shown at Michael Reid Gallery, Sydney.