Myra Patrick Herbert Willowra, Northern Territory, Australia, b. Circa 1946


Myra Patrick Herbert commenced painting in 1986 during the Traditional Painting Course initiated by the T.A.F.E. Unit in Lajamanu. Her approach to depicting Dreaming in her painting was diametrically different to other Lajamanu artists. She used a very fine dotting technique, which gave a shimmering effect to her paintings. Myra Patrick also made some pottery and sometimes collaborated on the paintings of her husband, Freddy Partick Tjangala (now deceased). She depicts Dreamings such as the Jurlpa (Small Barn Owl), Malu (kangaroo) Witi (Ceremonial Pole), Bush Vine, Snake and Cockatoo. In recent years she has decided to use her fathers family name Herbert.


Myra's father was born in Yinipaka so this is where her dreamings come from.


In 2018 Myra was selected to participate in Parrtjima, an indigenous light festival in Alice Springs. Her paintings were translated into visual light projections and a collaborative installation of sounds and sights of the budgerigar. She is senior law woman in the Lajamanu community in the central desert region of Australia.