Myra Patrick Herbert Willowra, Northern Territory, Australia, b. Circa 1946


Myra Patrick Herbert is a senior law woman in the Lajamanu community in the Northern Territory of Australia. She uses a very fine dotting technique, giving a shimmering effect to her paintings. Myra depicts her Dreamings  - the Jurlpa (Small Barn Owl), Malu (kangaroo) Witi (Ceremonial Pole), Bush Vine, Snake, Cockatoo and Budgerigar (ngatijirri).


Ngatijirri is a bird with a hooked beak, a small green bird. It is yellowish across the forehead. Budgerigars fly from tree to tree search for food for the young ones. It flies all over our country and knows all the trees, creeks and water holes. They all get together and fly out to billabongs. They sleep in hollow trees near their special billabongs. Budgerigar dreaming belongs to the people in the skin groups Japaljarri, Napaljarri, Jungarrayi and Nungarrayi. 


In 2018 Myra was selected to participate in Parrtjima, an indigenous light festival in Alice Springs. Her paintings were translated into visual light projections and a collaborative installation of sounds and sights of the budgerigar. She is senior law woman in the Lajamanu community in the central desert region of Australia.