Martin Maloney Field Workers

13 September - 26 October, 2018

JGM Gallery is delighted to present ‘Field Workers,’ a solo show by the London based artist Martin Maloney. The exhibition comprises of ten large-scale oil paintings alongside ten related drawings. Each painting shows a different woman standing in an abstract landscape of rhythmic pattern and euphoric colour. Martin Maloney‘ s ‘Field Workers’, made in 2013, are as yet unseen.

Internationally exhibited, Martin Maloney (b. 1961) is well known for his large scale figurative paintings, often created in a single session, marked by an expressionist style or “rumbustuous panache” (Adrian Searle). For twenty years his “social observation paintings” which draw upon invention and observation typically captured a subject packed with cultural signifiers (clothing, hairstyles, accessories) and often depicted people haunted by an awkward yet familiar malaise.