Ralph Anderson: Lucent Umbra Paintings

June 8th - 29th July 2017

JGM Gallery is very pleased to present Lucent Umbra Paintings, an exhibition of new works by Ralph Anderson, marking the first exhibition showcasing British art to run alongside the gallery’s regular programme of Australian indigenous art. The exhibition comprises a series of paintings, centred around a large-scale, three panel triptych, The Dog of Flanders, based on the Rubens altarpiece Descent from the Cross, which represents an entirely new scale of endeavour in Anderson’s work.

Meaning ‘glowing’ or ‘shining shadow’, the name Anderson gives to his new body of paintings refers to the technique he employs to give each work the illusion of a backlit glow and coloured shadow. This enhancement of the stripped back and cut out paintings, hanging as floating reliefs, brings the supportive walls of the gallery into the artwork, acting as temporal backgrounds for each image and erasing the definitive, framed edge of the painting. The Lucent Umbra Paintings also show Anderson employing aluminium as a surface to paint on, the nature of the material further reducing the barriers between the painting and its surroundings.  

A fully illustrated catalogue with essay by Juan Bolivar is available to download here