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  • JGM Gallery was founded in 2017 by Australian-born Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, one of the United Kingdom’s leading specialists in Aboriginal Australian Art. Guerrini Maraldi has more than 20 years experience in collecting, dealing and promoting Aboriginal artists and Art Centres across Australia. Through its exhibition program, JGM Gallery sheds light on the art and history of First Nations artists, with a focus on the use of sacred processes and traditional techniques. As well as championing Aboriginal artists, the gallery has a roster of Contemporary artists from Britain and elsewhere. 
    By exhibiting  Aboriginal and British contemporary art side by side,  JGM Gallery seeks to counter the pervasive and misplaced perception that the art of First Nations Australians is homogenous.  In the words of Guerrini Maraldi, "The styles of this movement's leading figures are as varied, complex and sophisticated as any in the Western Canon." 
    Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi (née Heathcote) is a leading specialist in the art of First Nations Australians. Following her years as a private dealer, where she exhibited regularly at The Saatchi Gallery and Masterpiece London, amongst others, she founded JGM Gallery in 2017.

    Guerrini Maraldi was born in Melbourne, Australia where, in the 1970’s, she was the owner and director of the Powell Street Gallery in South Yarra. At Powell Street Gallery she advanced the careers of many artists, placing their work in significant public and private collections, including The National Gallery of Australia and various State Galleries. It was also during this time that she was appointed by the Australian Government as a valuation specialist for Contemporary Australian Art.
    Alongside her role as Director of JGM Gallery, Guerrini Maraldi is also a Trustee and Director of FANZA (Foundation for Australian & New Zealand Arts).
  • Image: Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi (Director of JGM Gallery), 2022. Image courtesy of JGM Gallery & Julius Killerby.
  • Works from JGM Gallery have been acquired by the British Museum, Fondation Opale, The Howden Corporate Collection, The White & Case Corporate Collection, amongst others, and have sold to significant domestic and international collections.


     " JGM Gallery, London’s premier venue for Australian Aboriginal Art... Today JGM Gallery is recognised as having the UK’s best selection of contemporary Aboriginal Australian Art."

     - Brummel Magazine, 2019.


    "...eclectic and refreshingly inventive…"

    The Upcoming, 2020.


    Julius Killerby | Associate Director | julius@jgmgallery.com
    Heidi Pearce | Manager of Marketing, Communications and Logistics | heidi@jgmgallery.com
    Antonia Critchon-Brown | Gallery Assistant | antonia@jgmgallery.com
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  • Aboriginal Art: Ethics and Provenance

     JGM Gallery works with Indigenous Australian artists and deals with artworks from Aboriginal-owned Art Centres. The Gallery commits to ethical trade in Aboriginal Art and supporting economic development in remote communities. Director, Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, has worked with Aboriginal Art Centres for more than 20 years. JGM Gallery is also a member of the Indigenous Art Code and the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia.

    The Gallery maintains direct relationships with Aboriginal Art Centres so as to provide the correct provenance and documentation relating to the work of First Nations Australians. Art Centres play an important role for Aboriginal artists, supporting the security and the wellbeing of them and their extended families. This is vital to the stability required to undertake important custodial duties.
    JGM Gallery is a member of The Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, which serves and represents artists, individuals and organisations that produce, promote, protect or support Aboriginal art and the cultures that create and nurture that art. 
    We ensure the work is authentic, properly documented, define the provenance of the work and determine where and how it was made, and how it has come onto the market.
    All our artwork comes from reputable sources, and we subscribe to the AAAA's Code of Ethics.
    We consider an artists reputation and profile, and how the artworks compare in quality with other works by the same artist.
    JGM Gallery is a member of the Indigenous Art Code.
    The purpose of the Code is to establish standards for dealings between dealers and artists to ensure:
    (a) fair and ethical trade in artwork;
    (b) transparency in the process of promotion and sale of artwork; and
    (c) that disputes arising under the Code are dealt with efficiently and fairly.
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