Bob Gibson Papunya, NT Australia, b. 1974


Bob Gibson is one of the most dynamic and independent mark makers in Indigenous contemporary art. His bold and energetic paintings have put him among the most sought after artists on the market. Gibson tells the stories from his father's country of Patjarr and his mother's country of Kulkurta. He represents Country with a wild and imaginative exploration of colour and form, which happens at a frenetic and decisive pace.


Gibson is in some ways the definition of an outsider artist. Aboriginal owned art centres across remote Australia are typically a hive of activity and social interaction, and together the artists' works are informed by their peers as well as ancestral traditions. Gibson remains disengaged, living and working in solitude in the Gibson Desert.


Gibson regularly exhibits throughout Australia in museums, galleries and art centres. Noteworthy collections include Queensland Art Gallery, Artbank Collection and W&V McGeoch Collection.