Mabel Juli Barlinyin, East Kimberley, Western Australia, b. c. 1931


Mabel Juli (b. circa 1931, Barlinyin, East Kimberley Western Australia) began painting in the 1980s, following in the footsteps of Rover Thomas, and alongside celebrated East Kimberley artists Queenie McKenzie and Madigan Thomas. These artists pioneered the use of new colours by mixing ochres and natural pigments. Juli has long since championed the extension of the Gija palette to include colours like pink, purple and green.


As a child her parents would take her out to the wilderness to spend time with the moon and the stars. She holds her memories of their telling of the Ngarranggarni creation story (Moon Dreaming) close to her heart and this is the primary focus of her paintings.⁣ Juli has recently broadened her practice, making work about climate change.


Juli has a long history of exhibiting in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, New South Wales and Melbourne and Auckland, New Zealand. Her work is represented in public and private collections around the world.