Rammey Ramsey Bow River Station, East Kimberly, Western Australia, 1935-2021


Rammey Ramsey's (b. 1935, Bow River Station, East Kimberly, WA) paintings express the landscape of his birth and ancestral lands, whilst teasing out the complexities of Gija world views and the impact of pastoral occupation. He employs striking monochromes and a gestural, rhythmical language of wet-on-wet colour graduations, on which more ornamental dot and jewel shapes are applied, alluding to landmarks, memories, and human presence. This pioneering, atmospheric depiction of his stunning, native Warlawoon gorge country has led to acclaimed recognition in the indigenous art world.

Ramsey has exhibited widely in Australia, and in group shows in the US, Paris and London. His work is held in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney and the Ian Potter Gallery, Melbourne.