The JGM Review

It is with great delight that I introduce the JGM Review. This publication will focus primarily on exhibitions and projects within the JGM community.


One of the keys to appreciating a work of art, I believe, is a willingness to rigorously examine the concepts held within it. I have often found that a painting lives and breathes for far longer when it presents ideas that one can constantly grapple with. I have commissioned this publication and future editions in the hope of fostering a greater appreciation for the art exhibited at JGM Gallery and beyond. 


I have always encouraged a collaborative and cross-cultural atmosphere at my gallery and this journal is an extension of that approach. In this edition, the contributors have authored and co-authored varying responses to exhibitions that would have, themselves, been impossible without a collaborative ethos. 


- Jennifer Guerini Maraldi

  • The JGM Review

    Volume II
  • The JGM Review

    Volume I