Caught In The Net

13 June - 17 August 2019

Preview Wednesday 12 June 6-8pm

Ghost nets straying unharnessed across oceans, strangling and killing our most beautiful marine life, is a modern day tragedy that touches deeply at the hearts of people from all nations, regardless of politics or religion.

I am delighted to present this exhibition Caught in the Net at JGM Gallery and would like to thank the Erub artists and collaborators for their exceptional work, and particularly Diann Lui and Lynnette Griffiths for their dedication and hard work to make this London exhibition possible.

We are proud to be supported by the Australian Government and Blue, (Blue Marine Foundation) for this exhibition, Caught in the Net. JGM gallery will make a donation to Blue from the proceeds of exhibition sales.

I sincerely hope this stunning marine artwork, created so lovingly, will help raise further awareness far and wide about the disastrous problem of plastic in our oceans.

— Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, May 2019

Photography by Damian Griffiths