Aak Keenkanam: From The Beginning | Exhibition Catalogue

Gallery catalogue for Aak Keenkanam: From The Beginning, an exhibition of works by artists from the Wik & Kugu Arts Centre.  Including works by Alair Pambegan, Leigh Namponan, Keith Wikmunea, Flora Woolla, Bruce Bell and Lex Namponan. 


This publication contains, amongst other contents, a foreword by Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, an essay by Antonia Crichton-Brown and an 'In Conversation' between Keith Wikmunea, Gabriel Waterman and Antonia Crichton-Brown.


Cover image courtesy of Gabriel Waterman. 

Editorial design by Julius Killerby.   


Please contact the gallery at info@jgmgallery.com to enquire about purchasing a copy.