Pampila Hanson Boxer Western Australia, b. 1941

Pampila Hanson Boxer was born on the banks of the Old Fitzroy River at Old Cherabun Station. He carves Walmajarri men in traditional dance head-dress from the Majarrka Corroboree, boomerangs and clapping sticks. His boomerangs are carved from Bloodwood. He uses goanna or kangaroo fat to oil the boomerangs.


Boxer is the son of the famous Fitzroy artist, Boxer Yanker, who married Paji Honeychild Child. His father walked in from Kaningara as a child in the 1920’s. Boxer grew up on the station where he learnt to be a stockman from the age of twelve. He worked on Old Cherabun and other West Kimberley stations for twenty years, until the implementation of award wages for Aboriginal stockmen caused most of them to lose their jobs.


In 1989, after almost ten years of letter writing and talks with state and federal politicians and government departments, Boxer was successful in acquiring a 99 year lease on an excision from Old Cherabun Station. During the next 15 years he and the other families who had grown up on the station established Yakanarra Community, which today has 150 residents, 30 houses and operates its own store, independent community school, telecentre and adult education centre. He is also an important law culture man within his community.