Ralph Anderson Glasgow, Scotland, b. 1977

Dedicated to painting, Ralph Anderson brings together the transient qualities of light and the viscous nature of acrylic paint on aluminium and plywood surfaces. The structures are enhanced by the application of fluorescent paint on the reverse of each work, projecting a coloured glow on the supporting wall, and bringing the surrounding environment into play.


Anderson's new paintings, all created over 2021, show Anderson developing a novel technique. He uses multiple layers of colourful paint on heavily woven linen underneath a painted image of the landscape. He then etches through the layers of paint to reproduce graffiti marks found in his local South London landscape.


Anderson’s paintings hover between illusion and physical reality, investigating gesture, form and the drawn line whilst also playing with the notions of representation and non-representation in art.


Recent career successes include two major solo exhibitions at JGM Gallery, commissions for H Club, London and an installation of work in Eurostar's Business Premiere Lounge at the Gare du Nord in Paris.