Dominic Beattie London, United Kingdom, b. 1981

Dominic Beattie (b.1981, London) is an abstract painter/sculptor and furniture designer. His work is based upon Modernist principles, specifically ideas of innovation and experimentation with abstraction, and an emphasis on materials, techniques and processes. His new works are a continuation of his exploration into colour and pattern. 
Beattie has recently exhibited his work at The Saatchi Gallery, The Royal Academy, JGM Gallery and Fold Gallery. In 2015 he won the UK/Raine prize for painting. In 2018 he curated the exhibition Harder Edge (A Multigenerational Survey of Recent Abstraction) featuring 17 artists at The H Club, Covent Garden, and later toured to the Saatchi Gallery. In 2019 he co-curated HABITAT: artist furniture or things that might be confused as furniture at JGM Gallery.