Fiona Grady Leeds, United Kingdom, b. 1984

Fiona Grady is a site-responsive artist; her practice explores the expanded field of drawing through wall drawings, lighting gel window installations, digital animation, and works on paper, including ink drawings and printmaking. Her artworks recognise the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration; referencing traditional techniques such as fresco painting and stained glass in a contemporary context. Using a variety of mediums including emulsion wall paintings, Japanese washi tape installations, and transparent and metallic vinyl on glass that filter light to cast colourful patterns or mirror their surroundings.


The work is often ephemeral, it interacts with the light of day, to emphasise the passing of time, through the interaction of geometric forms, movement of motifs and use of colour. When approaching installations; she spends time at site to gain an understanding of the location, taking in the colours and character of the area. This enables her to establish a sense of the pace of life which can be reflected in the rhythm in the geometric shapes. The observed details will influence the final outcome of the artworks to create a connection to the location. Her most recent projects have drawn links the context of the site referencing the architectural details, their former histories and urban regeneration.