HABITAT: Artists making furniture or things that might be confused as furniture

7 November - 7 December 2019

Alice Wilson | Charlotte Kingsnorth | Claire Baily | Daryl Brown | David Batchelor | Dominic Beattie | Frances Richardson | Jay Gard | James Alec Hardy | Kate Owens | Ludovica Gioscia | Lucia Buceta | Marianne Thoermer | Martin Maloney | Matt Calderwood | Milly Peck | Neil Jones | Neil Zakiewicz | Olivia Bax | Ornamental Grace | Owen Bullett | Ralph Anderson | Rolf Sachs | Tim Ellis | Thomaz Kramberger

JGM Gallery presents objects made by artists designed to activate the living space.

Curated by Alice Wilson and Dominic Beattie, the Gallery will become a showroom for lamps, chairs, benches, stools, shelving units, plates, clocks, textiles, ornaments, ceramics, beanbags, carpets, wallpaper, a sofa, a table, a room divider, a mobile, a hat stand and a cat house. Featuring 25 artists, Habitat offers a skewed perspective of domestic living, where sometimes form eradicates function.


Installation Views