Colin Smith UK, b. 1953


My career as an artist has extended from the dominance of Late Modernist reductive through to the present, which I suppose whilst we are in the midst, we must still call Pluralist. The certainties of Modernist thought at that time did not seem to offer enough space to operate, and I have always found the depiction and rendering of an illusion of space and volume something essential for my engagement with process. However Abstraction still stalks my corridors and like the horns and motors in T. S. Eliot's 'The Waste Land', always lurks behind me.


My most recent works with the conical 'Columns' in a very shallow space, clearly reduced from the more literal 'Wardrobe' series, are the closest I've come to making purely flat paintings. The rolls of fabric a mid point inspired perhaps by walking past the Turkish shops close to where I now live in Ghent. There are echoes of Leger and to some extent Richter, too. One of my friends at art school quoted someone, I don't remember who,


'No symbolism intended, None denied'


- Colin Smith, Ghent 2020

Colin Smith is a British artist whose work is held in the permanent collections of many

museums and important private collections around the world. In June 2018 he exhibited ‘Investigations of a Dog,’ a retrospective of his career to date at Alfred East Gallery, part of Kettering Museum. He also writes about art and has been a Harkness fellow to Yale University.