Emily Andy Napaltjarri Papunya, near Alice Springs, NT, Australia, b. 1953


"We would always go hunting. We would go to Karrinyarra for Bush Onion. We lived out where 3 mile is now, in the early days. There was no house. We would always go Karrinyarra for bush onion and rabbit. We would stop there when I was a little girl and camp there. After school, we might go there for a holiday, maybe for 1 week with family. My grandmother, grandfather and everybody. After we went camp out, we got some bush tucker and bush onion. We would go hunting for rabbit and bush meat…


We would teach and learn songs at this place too, and the women would wear white headbands and feathers for dancing. We would be with all the Kungkas (women) Nampajimpa, Nangala, Nungarrayi, Napurrula, Napaljarri, Napangardi, Napanangka, Nakamarra…"


- Emily Andy Napaltjarri

Emily was born out bush near Papunya. Her mother is Entalura Nangala, whom Emily learnt to paint from, is a recognised ar st, having painted for Warumpi Arts as did Emily. Entalura Nangala is the wife of Don Tjungerrai who was a renown ar st. Like her sister, Ada, she is the custodian of a number of women’s Dreaming stories, making her a respected elder in the community. Emily was married and has three children who are living at Yuelamu (Mt Allen or Yalpirakinu). Emily a ended Papunya primary school when it was the old building on s lts. Emily’s Dreaming relates to the Bush Onion, while her mother’s Dreaming is the Honey Ant Ancetors from Ilpili, west of Papunya. Her father’s Dreaming associated with the Liru or Snake Ancestors.