Mona Nangala Haasts Bluff, NT, Australia, b. 1938


Mona Nangala was born in Haasts Bluff/Ikuntji and has been painting at Papunya Tjupi Arts since 2011. Initially she painted her Women's Story, although in recent years Mona has been focusing on her own unique expressions of Kapi Tjukurrpa (Water Dreaming) with tali (sandhill).


In her works, Mona draws inspiration from the natural designs of tali, which forms waves across the desert, predominating the country around Papunya. Mona uses lines to represent Kapi Tjukurrpa and doting to represent Mangarri Tjuta (all the bush tucker). Mona varies the sizing, spacing and colourings of the doting and linework across her canvasses and her choice of palette allows for sophistocated shifts in colours and tones in each canvas.


Finalist in the Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize (2019) her works are increasingly sought after by national and international private collectors.