Tilau Nangala Haasts Bluff, NT Australia, b. 1933


Tilau Nangala was born in the bush in Haasts Bluff of Ngaliya/Warlpiri parents. Tilau is a senior law woman for Papunya and surrounding regions. She has a deep understanding of her country, which she loves to express through her paintings. Over time, she has developed her very own style. Through her paintings she loves to communicates her culture, dreaming and stories to the next generation. 


She lives and works in Papunya, translating and exploring the culture and narratives inherited from her family into lyrical and expressive paintings. She channels her deeply-engrained knowledge of Papunya's topography into her work, frequently returning to the heartfelt subject of Mikantji, an important great Water Dreaming site for Warlpiri. Lines, sinuous curves and marks tell the story of women, waterholes, creeks and hills. Previously, Nangala was a prodigious carver of coolamons and clap sticks and has also produced prints with Cicada Press College of Fine Arts UNSW.