Dominique Gerolini Paris, France, b. 1954


Based in Plan de la Tour, France, Dominique Gerolini is an abstract painter who has moved through some of the most prestigious Ateliers in Paris before settling in the South of France. Her clean, grid like paintings call to mind some of the great abstract painters of the 20th century such as Mondrian and Delaunay, yet her pure colors sing with subtle harmonies that are emphatically contemporary.

These brightly colored abstract paintings explore how geometries or repeating patterns reveal themselves in the free hand. Beginning as one continuous sketch, the artist is seeking natural proportions through gesture and exploring the interconnectedness of forms. Though grid like, they are not reductive like Mondrian's neoplasticism, nor are there any black lines where the tracing might have been. Her paintings - which are all very domestic in scale - explore the boundaries of proportion, leaving thinnest sliver of white canvas between harmonious sections of painted color. Increasingly minimalist, these works test our understanding of proportion and balance, and ask whether it is intuitive or simply learnt.